Kill Sector Out Now!

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In Kill Sector, you and your friends enter a deadly world of flesh and steel, blood and wires, violence and ashes, acid and fire. People come into the arena from all walks of life. What connects them are the ability to die and the desire to kill. You will do battle against hordes of fiends, beasts, aliens, robots, and other such baddies. It’s your ragtag squad against the world, the world being the odds-on favorite. Suit up, load up your plasma blaster, sharpen your fangs, and get ready to tear through this world like a red-hot chainsaw through a cyborg barbarian’s robot hide.


Kill Sector is a combat-heavy, rules-light, one-off-centric pen and paper system geared towards accessibility, customization, and brutal arena fights. Our intuitive pointbuy system lets you quickly make virtually any character, utilizing hundreds of interchangeable character options, which can be further modified to suit your taste. The gauntlet master throws you into their arena, pitting you against their own creatures, gladiators, and monstrosities. the combat and the lore are one and the same - making Kill Sector the system for those that want to jump straight into the action without sacrificing roleplay.


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