Update /+ Southcoast Area Playtesting

As a quick update - we've been making a whole lot of progress in the past couple months - more than even we expected! I won't spoil too much, but I will let you know that we've been jam-packing the core rulebook with hundreds of functions to apply to your character, and plenty of open space for modifying these functions. We've also been sharpening the rules and making it as easy as possible for new players to enjoy the game.

Speaking of which, if you happen to be in the Southcoast Massachusetts area, we're setting up playtest sessions in several local venues. We tend to playtest on Thursdays and Sundays, but we have a modicum of flexibility when it comes to that schedule. I'm actually typing this as we are setting up at The Armoury in Fairhaven. We've also playtested at Table Top Games in Westport in the past, and are looking to branch out in the Southcoast and Providence areas. If you're interested in playing Kill Sector with its creators before it's released to the general public, and/or if you operate a venue looking to run a rules-lite, casual roleplay system that your customers can jump in and play without knowing anything about roleplay games, feel free to contact us at killsectorgame@gmail.com!

Because I feel rude asking for your attention without showing you something cool, here's the underdrawing for a flyer we plan to make for Kill Sector: