Character Sheet Showcase

In the process of playtesting Kill Sector, we've collected a fair share of character sheets from our playtesters. I figured it would be fun to show off some of the different kinds of characters you can make with our point-buy system, as well as show a bit of what we do behind-the-scenes and talk about some of our own playtesting anecdotes.

Some context: players are given 10 points to make a character. They spend these points on functions, which cost different amounts, scaling with their usefulness. They can also gain points back by taking weaknesses, which hinder them in one way or another. There isn't any one standardized way for people to organize their character sheets - different characters operate under completely different means, so they prioritize different bits of information. As long as the GM gets a rundown of how many points they spent on what, and the player has enough information written that they won't put the game on hold to check what their functions do, anything is fair game.


Starting off simple, Thunder Dome is a skeletal warrior blessed by several Roman gods. His main form of attack is to call down lightning bolts from Jupiter, which reflect off his helmet and into his enemies, scorching himself slightly in the process. Of course, this plan only works for so long, as he didn't pack another weapon, and the undead can't be healed by most means.

Sparse is a rollerskating clay golem with really long arms and a double-ended jackhammer - specifically, two normal jackhammers duct taped handle-to-handle. His backstory is as charming as his art: "In an abandoned construction site, some kids got together and built a dirt man. Then they found a magic construction hat and when they put it on him he came to life."

Lagarthah is a poisonous, plantlike alien that can regenerate from death, but is (ironically) deadly allergic to water. Her main weapon is a giant fan - as in, an oversized industrial fan with a handle on the back for aiming.


Cyclone Jack is a tough cyborg alien with the power of space voodoo. One arm ends in a swordlike appendage, the other splits into two long and flexible gun barrels. He can endure three attacks that would otherwise kill him, instead leaving him at 1 HP each time. Whenever someone hits him, he can choose someone to take part of the damage along with him, due to his connection with voodoo. However, Cyclone Jack's tactics are limited, as he's too trigger-happy to formulate a strategy, and he knows next to nothing of the universe outside his homeworld.

Geniba is an alligator-man from the swamplands, wielding a chainsaw that can slice someone from ten feet away. His fairy companion, Pivvie, is a trained medic, who patches up Geniba as he fights. Geniba is a tough warrior, but he's bad at realizing when something is being hidden from him, and relies on Pivvie to spot stealthy foes.


Gauss Hoss is a sentient helicopter that constantly produces slime for reasons he'd rather not talk about. In lieu of a machinegun, his weapon compartment houses a magical staff that hurls fireballs. His main strategy is to scoop up his allies with ranged weapons and rain hellfire on his enemies down below. This is actually one of my own characters, and one of my favorites to play.


Dr. Boom is a pyromaniacal robot filled to the brim with weapons, including a self-destruct module and a shotgun stored inside his mouth. He is constantly obsessed with making the biggest explosion possible, and if someone does something theatrically destructive, he is compelled to one-up them with his own pyrotechnics.

Both of the above characters are featured in one of our more prominent art pieces, based off of actual playtest events:


(This actually ended quite poorly for us. In an effort to ditch the guy with the flamethrower, we slammed into the massive buzzsaw on the right - which would have worked, if we weren't instead batted out of the air, then suplexed into said buzzsaw, by a fifteen-foot-tall wrestler with a scorpion for a lower body.)

The Arcana is a stone golem able to summon deadly and hyper-accurate pillars of flame. He can also give people curses that, when activated, cause tiny explosions all over their body and the bodies of anyone nearby. However, he is constantly under physical pressure by the volatile magical forces that animate him, and a hit in the right spot will cause him to violently explode. Over the course of the gauntlet, the player updated the art when he put on the boss's trademark shades.

02563 is a bioengineered human with potent psychic capabilities. She can manipulate her surroundings through telekinesis, and can override people's will with mind control or even leave her own body to possess theirs. Despite being blindfolded, she can sense the world around her through sonar. One of her legs is replaced with a katana from the knee down. She is subservient to her master, who has bound her arms and left her mute and blind. Similar to The Arcana, her art was updated during a gauntlet when she befriended a bat, which used to be someone's hand.


Last but certainly not least, Patruchi Giddub is a giant caterpillar and ex-cop, with two of his front legs ending in biologically-produced shotguns. He wields two revolvers and a BLASTER from his days in the force. He's a quick shot, and can feasibly use most of his weapons all at the same time, but he's weak to poison, he can't keep track of the chaos of the arena, he's got an itchy trigger finger, and one swift bop from a baseball bat might be enough to spill his bug guts. Some day, I'd love to see some art of this guy.

These are all only a small fraction of the characters people have played during our playtesting phase, and we're not even close to finished. Sign up for the closed beta, and send us scans of your character sheets, and we could feature them in a future character sheet showcase!