Kill Sector Press Release


Bahunga Worldwide proudly presents Kill Sector, a gladiatorial tabletop experience.

In Kill Sector, you and your friends invent a slew of bizarre and powerful gladiator avatars. There are virtually no limits to what you can be. March into the arena to do battle against waves of mighty alien foes, performing dazzling, brutal acts of showmanship, guile, and glory.

  • Team up with your friends or go head-to-head in gladiatorial combat
  • Make whatever your heart desires in a limitless world of endless possibilities
  • Control the arena as the Gauntlet Master, pitting your friends against your custom-built gauntlet
  • Forge your own worlds and stories in an open-ended universe of infinite horizons

This website acts as a portal for all things Kill Sector. Check back to this page and our Twitter for news and updates. If you'd like to partake in the closed beta, click here to sign up.

More will be announced and revealed in due time. Stay tuned!