Kill Sector Releasing Dec 16!


After about a year of working on our passion project, we here at Bahunga Worldwide are proud to announce that the PDF of our tabletop game, Kill Sector, is due to release December 16th!

We’ve been working our tails off revising the game, rebalancing functions, and making sure everything is pitch-perfect. I can say with confidence that this is exactly the game we envisioned from the get-go, and so much more.

What we have shown you on our website is barely scratching the surface of what we have in store - at last count, we have over 700 functions in our point-buy system, as well as the means to modify them to suit your needs. We are extremely excited to show you the universe of gladiatorial possibilities we have made for you.

The game will be released exclusively on DrivethruRPG, where it can be purchased for $10 USD.

Get ready!